Every single movie ever made and every single scene in them are deliberately designed puzzles for us to solve. Think “Mercury Rising”. Boondock Saints was a serious, serious problem the first time we saw it. There was however, something that bothered us for years at the end of movie. Attention to detail, lovely souls. Attention to the details.

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9 Millimeter Beretta (Handgun)
9 Millimeter Beretta (Handgun)
12 gauge shotgun.

 Two suppressed (Silenced) pistols and one extremely loud shotgun. Makes no sense until you realize it’s a puzzle! This is why no one can go to movies with us. We nitpick the shit out of them.

9×9=81 – 8+1=9(3x3)
12 = 1+2=3

  -Or- 3/33

  Also note “Veritas and Aequitas” – This is a reference from Cape Fear, in which Truth and Justice were tattooed on DeNiro’s back.