Hello lovely readers! How the heck are all of you!?! We don’t really think we have actually explained to you good people out there what an echo actually, IS. Let’s tackle it in fine, DiD style. im writing to. Good! Let’s talk about echos and echoing.
Let’s take a peek at a funny echo because, well shit it’s just funny.

Let’s say you and us are sitting in a car, enjoying a lovely evening (E/e)

All of the sudden you I, MikeANP (As Farva is one of the ANP’s frags), burst out in this monologue. Perhaps you are talking about your mom or a friend. “For 20 bucks I’ll call your buddy a CHICKEN FUCKER!” <—THAT is the echo, itself and there are a few reasons they exist. In this case, the echo is a projective one. (-P+) as well as being a potentionally physically echoed element. (E/e(p))

 Kayleigh Marie in protective mode

Those in our lives have to understand that echoing is an extremely important, intimate function. Sexually intimate, that level of intimacy. Let’s assume we know you and you know Farva’s character (As we have watched the movie) all of the sudden pops out.
You are going to know that we feel sheepishly, like the odd man out, a really funny , possibly Autistic, fuckup. This echo would suggest that feel like like the odd guy out trying our best to fit in but just fucking it up. Perhaps, (situation dependent )we might feel like we are in a position of authority/dominance during this echo.

The character of Farva (Not the actual actor) is the important part of the puzzle; Echoing started for us because being our natural selves wasn’t possible. We had to choose, instead to model characters that couldn’t be harmed. Being ourselves got us harmed, sometimes, extremely severely.

If you spend enough time around us, you will see every one of these character’s mannerisms, above, physically echoed (E/e(p)) at some point. We are either stressed to the limit with you (Or the situation as a whole) or we are having fun/echoing/acting/existing with you just as you see above.

    The “p” in the echo equation means this is a physically reenacted echo (As opposed to a simple audible echo or an internal dialogue (I/d=?))

If you see pencils or chop sticks in our hair, Katy Mae  as you see above, is very present. I thought you were going to write. meh. hi Hi!
The fun really begins when you begin to spot the characters we are choosing to echo and echo back. Bridge, established.

Think about it like this; Echoing something, in an intimate setting, is something of lovelieness for us. A sign of trust and intimacy. Echoing under stress, however is a totally different story.  Echoing can be happening because we are happy, sad, stressed and everything in between
If you are ever thinking about spending any kind of significant time with us, prepare to watch a lot of movies.
Keep being lovely , there is nothing less we would expect. (A->)