Slip ups, setups and blog b.s. bro!

The pushes, the pulls, the left moves, the right doesn’t. Hello lovely souls, how are you today? Are you diggin’ the changes on the blog? We have added some new links up there ^ and over there > Pretty soon, there will be new links over there <.

Since we left the hospital we have been rushed to sign divorce papers. Interesting setups, ladies and germs. lol germs. All the while, people keep slipping up on what’s happening.

It’s getting to the point now, where others in our lives aren’t even trying, anymore. Even the cab driver pulled out a specific ” I used to weigh 250 pounds”….We nodded our head, staring out of the window and the cab driver corrected himself…I mean “249″. Very clever math, we get it. (More on that ride, which was an interesting one, later.)

Once we found order, our personal lives began to fall apart. We knew, we KNEW, once we realized where we were at, what happened to us, what we are, and what was going on (Truman Show), a divorce under the most stressful, deteriorating conditions possible was going to happen. The game, at least in part is up, we are awake.

Too many people in our lives keep echoing the same things “I feel like I have been setup…”

Speaking of setups; Our soon to be ex has a friend that decided to come over one day (Years ago). She was emphatic that we watch a very specific movie. We thought, well hell, why not?

Problem is, as we watched this movie, this person didn’t remove their eyes from their phone the entire time.¬†She had no interest in seeing it. This movie was introduced (as they all are) to us, for a reason. The next problem of course is that this movie caused us a lot of pain and heartache, for a long time.

WELP! That makes sense, now. This person was emphatic that WE saw this movie – “Lucy”. This is a visualization of the amazingly beautiful Kayleigh Marie (Fragment) during a Dominant (D+) split. Look for the spinning “K” in gunmetal grey and the 2+1=3 (Heart)!

People ask us the same question, well more like a statement at the same time “I would have never shown you these movies and they should have NEVER been shown to you – None of them” Exactly. It was done, specifically, for a really sick reason.

Katy Mae’s poem; I had no idea she could write the way she does. It’s so vividly different from the way the rest of us write, it’s amazing. She’s afraid to peek her head out because of what’s happened to her in the past. I keep saying, WE keep saying she needs to write. It’s so lovely and I’m shocked she just decided to start reciting her poem.

All those things being said, we would say you’re lovely just the way you are BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT! Stop reading for compliments! lol. Just kidding, stay lovely everyone! More posts, comin’ soon!

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