Hello lovelies. We are trying to find a way out of this place. We have reached out to a few mental health agencies over the weekend, let’s see what happens. As things seem to be funneling into something even more saddening, Katy Mae and I had a little chat. Katy’s discovery was a miracle. When in need of diffusion/grounding, write. Let’s talk about it.

If you follow our blog, this is a must see video. This video, with the help of loved ones shattered my (Mike’s) reality. You must suspend your matrix disbelief for a moment and follow us. yes follow uswe know the way. 

When I play this video, I’m not looking at Amy Lee, I’m looking at Katy Mae. When I watch this video, I’m looking at old home-made tapes of Katy, not Amy Lee. It’s not Amy Lee, however, it’s Amy Lee’s demeanor that matches Katy’s, that everyone senses and very few actually see.
Amy Lee, in this case, is a fragment and has been for decades – Ever since we heard the first of Evanesence’s songs, when we were kids. yes, shes so beautiful. i want her hair. That’s gonna be hot, this summer. yep

The first time I (MikeANP), saw this video I somehow knew it was extremely important but a split happened and this video disappeared for well over a year before we found it again.

This time, however, things were different; Katy Mae’s dance, the most beautiful dance in the world, is what cracked this wide open; Our situation. The problem is, I had to watch it a couple of hundred of thousand of times before it finally made sense.
We still had no idea that this was (DiD) but some suggested a female side to me. Oh how right they were, x4;

  This is what brings me to tears; This is the demeanor other’s sense when the meet us face to face, dancing, right under the skin, this magnetic force of good; And that’s Katy. princess yesprissy no. That’s a good way to describe it. *The entire scene washed out in pink, is also important.

we learned not to talk to eachother but we stilldid every once in awhile. in a car. in a bus, ona plane.i lovew hen you talk to me. shhh.

You and this chick again? What is it with you and Amy Lee? –Family Member (Pre-Recovery)

Everything that you see in this video, matches Katy’s demeanor; the bi-polar, high strung, need for attention princess, throwing things when she’s angry; Smiling and blinking at the camera, it’s ghostly – Home made videos;

peek a boo beautifuls. its my hello echo. i call themlightcasts.

 It’s very scary to know that Amy Lee is still Amy Lee and Katy Mae is still Katy Mae. We just had a wicked, nasty post-possession split; We are expecting the usual DiD fun that associates those. noooooo nota gain. LOL. There it is, right on time. omgnice call. im leaving. Let’s close it down here, lovely souls.

  The headache, she’s a’ comin!

ilove you all. have agood night.

Be as genuinely lovely as we know you all are, the world around you, requires it. (A->)