Hello lovelies, Dr. Phil is part of the problem, you see. DiD means Dissociative Identity Disorder, not Identity Disorder.

Cool your jets, doc.

Forget the woman talking for a moment; Let’s assume her story is real and she isn’t faking DiD. She isn’t all that important (In this particular case of study), the good doctor is. If this woman is truly completely dissociated, Dr. Phil is only forcing conflict to happen. Why? He won’t stop blasting her with the same question; “You know the question I just asked you..”

No she can’t. She really, really can’t. The more you push this person (Or people) to answer something they clearly can’t remember is going to end in disaster (Much more so for the sufferer, not the doctor)

When we are dissociated, we forget left from right sometimes. People can talk to us and we will literally not remember a thing they said milliseconds after they said it. We have lost jobs over this. It’s very real.

We split in front of an employer but this was long before we realized what was wrong with us. It’s very embarrassing sometimes and you don’t remember any of it, sometimes for months or years later. (Memory Compartmentalization) This is why studying is so hard for us. Hard to remember what you study if you really don’t give a shit (Dominance) about it and don’t even remember studying it.

The more Dr. Phil hammers this woman with the same question, the more likely it is that another altar is going to take over to protect the ANP or whoever is dominant. Which would most likely be the case, as she is in a room with hundreds of people.

Every time we meet new people, in finding order, we have to warn them. We actually have to say ‘Listen, we have DiD and split a lot; If we ask you to repeat something it has nothing to do with not wanting to be able speak to you and respect the moment…” and yes it’s uncomfortable to have to say that.

Depending on the person we may have to warn them too, “Hey man, if you see us go blank, we have DiD,  blah blah…”. Amazing Dr. Phil doesn’t realize he’s only making someone who’s dissociated feel even worse.

It’s very embarrassing when you completely fuzz out. If you have a loved one, don’t do what the doctor is doing. You are only pushing someone who is so stressed out they are splitting in a way that they can no longer effectively ground (Grounding/Diffusion); An altar takes over to protect her (And the group). Whoops, doc.

Altars can be as dangerous or as passive as anyone else and if you don’t know what you are doing, like in this video, you are only going to make things worse.

You see? This is part of the problem, lovely readers. Disinformation, EVERYWHERE!