Well this movie makes sense, now.


Without a doubt, one of the most heart rending scenes we have ever seen. This is a Fusion element movie that includes, one of many thing including, water, a trauma element (T/e). Note the yellow water jugs. This is a C3 (Constant Color Conditioning) element.

20+ years later we get it. Don’t let go of Wilson. Letting go of the heartbreak, the trauma that created Wilson, is what’s so devastating. Let’s talk about it (Spoiler alert).

Very interesting time, when this movie came out, now that we all think about it. oh yes, indeed. Hi Katy Mae!! .hello! Your typing just keeps getting better and better. 🙂 Remember the plane crash scene? yes couldn’t imageine. leave my typos too. Alright. Aviation and sorrow, another constant theme.

iknow its alot likethis for you, im sorry. thismakes alot of sense now. we willkeep ithere for now. Ack, let’s keep typing.

It’s just like this, right now. There is a reason there is a yellow hue
on the pendant. This is both a projective(P+) AND an internal dialogue (I/d=?).

The whole idea of the movie is that Hanks ends up on what most would consider an island paradise but he ends up stranded there. Hanks, an executive, who doesn’t have a lick of survival experience (Affinity Element) ends up having to learn to hunt, n’, fish, having to learn to build fire (Affinity Element, Trauma Element).

The image of a woman he loves along with “Wilson” are what end up saving his life while being literally cast away from everything he knows. Learning how to live in a foreign environment is another recurrent theme that keeps popping it’s head up in these echoes

By the way, for newbies;  An “Echo” is the entire movie; An “Echo element” is some part of that movie or other media that we have decided to echo for one reason or another. When we say “Echo” consider that the entire flick and an “Element” a specific clip of that particular movie. There can be many different echo elements in one echo.

In reality of course, the guy would have died. He just would have died. These movies always go a bit far with the survival aspect; Many of the wounds that Hanks incurred on island would have killed him (Even from simple infections). In this allegorical case, based on numbers and color coding, survival doesn’t have anything to do with wilderness survival  but it has to appear that way to us.
Kayleigh Marie hates bugs. lolol chicken. Shut up, fuckers! right on. Let’s continue.

Another way to look at this whole issue is by themes. This is an extremely important compartmentalization mechanic that was taught to us, early on. Being Autistic only makes it easier for us to self identify/echo by themes. Survival in the harshest conditions possible. We have seen this theme before; Here’s quick list off the top of our head(s)lol:

  • The Edge
  • Alive
  • The Grey
  • The Hunger Games
  • Cast Away
  • Into The Wild
  • Apollo 13
  • Titanic
  • All is lost
  • The Perfect Storm

Patterns and themes, our lovely readers. Over and over again. Allegorical survival being an outcast in harsh conditions. Go see “Cast Away”, it’s an absolutely beautiful movie and well worth the time invested in it.

Crossroads, nothing left, where to go now; A woman and her dog, in a truck with yellow (C3) angel’s wings. elizabeth was right dad ithink. You get to call her by her first name, why’s that? she likes me. HAHA. The Angels Wings was another element that saved Hanks, in the end.

Stay lovely, lovely readers, its the only way.