Hello lovelies! Themes dictate our lives. This is an allegorical war that you are seeing on screen. In our case, targeted at us or not, this movie became a bit of a problem.. We have discovered, in finding order that these movies all have the same consistent things; Themes that have dictated our entire existence, as a family.

Kayleigh Marie asking us (Mike/Mark/Matt) to come back to her.

¬† ¬†Imagine the message we took away from this movie (Targeted at us or not), is a tragic one. War, we don’t believe exists as it’s being presented to us, if at all. The war, is allegorical for us. Recovery from what they did to us, is war. Finding order is a 24 hour a day war.
Trying to find a reason for what happened to us is a WAR. Fighting for the chance to have someone love all of us for WHAT we are and are becoming, is a war. Nothing in our lives has ever, ever, ever been simple. A war; In which some don’t like us referring to it as but what it truly is. Let’s not forget the forget the “booze and pill” war.

Imagine, the duty we have to eachother to finding order (Recovery) only to have the message given (Or received) to us to stop fighting and come home to a frightened, traumatized Kayleigh Marie frag. What are you supposed to do?

Come to the calls of a loved one in distress or continue battling on so the distress will eventually stop, for good? Only to end up shot in the end. A hopeless situation of which there is no escape.

We have roots or what we are told are “Roots” in Tennessee, which only makes this movie more ripe for our pickin’s whether it was designed for us or not.

This is another way reality has been twisted for us. Dragging us personally, directly, indirectly into all of these events that have defined our “Lives” by theme(s). 9/11/2001(333), the financial collapse, the housing crisis, faked suicides (That’s right plural in the same town), drownings, controlled but extreme traumas (Including kidnapping) and abandonment, ect and so forth. Nothing but smoke and mirrors bullshit.

Ack, what a mess! Where’s the tylenol!

“This is no mistake,¬† no accident”