Hello lovelies. Our significant other said she wants a divorce and who couldn’t see that comin’ a million miles away. This after of course she got home. We wanted to talk with her, perhaps another moment of honesty between all of us. A human grasp in the dark perhaps for anything, a human touch, a tear, a human anything as our world collapses around us, we are so lonely together…
Other’s are finally coming to the confirmatory, without dispute, finally, including our significant other that this is a giant setup.  Our world is falling apart, we can’t eat, we can’t sleep, we are all trying to hold it together.

We have never seen our significant shed a real tear over what’s happening since the matrix began the #MandellaEffect a few months back (The entire world should have noticed the massive changes in media but didn’t – Think about that for a second). Doesn’t care at all, almost like she knows and was expecting it to happen. Sleeping was more important when the #MandellaEffect began, turning our internal world, what we knew as safety, upside down.

When she said “Divorce” not even a hint of caring. Whatever man. “We asked and pleaded please just tell us you don’t care about our marriage and you never did” Roundabout confirmations. Our hearts are hurting so much than hers and it’s fucking awful. She walked out on us in the ER, right before we underwent surgery after an emergency appendix blow out. She just left us to go home and sleep. Seems like a setup now.

We were on the verge of tears exhausted and emaciated and she was yawning and tapping her feet. That’s the level of her caring, on display. That’s how long this person has been lying to us. It’s just routine now, part of the script. It’s heartbreaking and awful on every level to us.
We were so awful to her for so long, in controlled illness, we know that. We were awful for so long. We spent years in recovery thinking she wanted to have a future with us and I think we always knew she didn’t.

There is literally not a shred of honesty in the world around us. Rapid eye movement all over the room, telltale sign of complete dishonesty. We have to live here, under those conditions, 24 hours a day. We cannot go to a homeless shelter. It’s quite amazing such a small state, with so few people in it, constantly have overflowing homeless problems in their shelters.

This person has sat back and watched this happen to us; We have said, “Well if we are so crazy, call a mental health professional!” That still hasn’t happened and it won’t happen. More evidence of a setup. To be so lonely like this and have the person you thought, in the beginning you were recovering for, in part, doesn’t give a SHIT. Or perhaps that’s simply her role to project and only makes this lonelier.
Just as simple for her yawn and go to sleep. No big thing but we have “lost our minds”.

We have been socially isolated since we got back and that’s taking a huge toll on us too. It’s hard to go out with everyone staring at you, knowing what we know now. This is becoming really, really tough.

We thought perhaps writing for a few moments would help. We are all trying our best to hold it together it’s just so hard. We always knew, sensed that she never cared about her marriage, we mean she doesn’t even like us and never did. No matter who we were and trust us, we tried. Makes total sense now.

You are crazy and mentally ill, you need help and I want a divorce. Yawn. Goodnight.

Stay as lovey you have to be, the “world” would be less without it.