Katy Mae, squared. (Post disorder discovery)

Oh dear. Katy Mae is getting racked up. Hello lovely readers! What an interesting 24 hours it’s been. As this just happened to come up in our feed (Thank you, Mr.M), Katy Mae is becoming possessed. possessions, can be scary and in some cases, extremely happy and fun. Either way they are exhausting events.

We are going to blog to try and ground and share this happy discovery with you. We will do an internal dialogue sheet on it later. Let’s talk about it! (media below)

We blogged earlier about how stress can cause possessions. People assume (in error) that posessions only happen when something bad happens. Not true at all! Stress is stress and happy stress is still happy stress. As Autism, we discovered is the huge cog that’s driving our emotional states or “Alter(ed) states”- This complicates things.


People also assume that people who exist with Autism don’t feel emotions; When in reality, we feel EVERYTHING – much more so than others. It’s expression of emotion that’s the hard and in 99 percent of the time in our cases, the misunderstood part.

This is a movie that we know Katy Mae is going to want to see. I have a feeling we know who she is going to invite.
This entire video clip has all the same themes (That took us years of work to find) that we see, repeatedly. Kayleigh Marie (Target trigger) training and sacrificing herself for Katy Mae (Fuse attempt). Katy Mae saving Mike/Mark from water trauma (The first rescue visualization of it’s kind!!!!). Moreover, we see the same theme: War.

As with most of our echos, the war/violence that you see on film that we do echo (E/E) either as a projective element (-P+=?), an internal dialogue (I/d=?) or both, is allegorical.

An easy example might be something simple like Katy Mae picking up a new life skill or dealing with her own trauma(s); That IS the actual Nazi she is slashing with a sword (ARS) or shooting with an arrow, visualized, nothing more than that. As there is now conflict in the echo (violence), Katy Mae is in direct opposition of the violence component (Some of us aren’t),  – The character (Target triggered) however, she’s in love with, already.

Katy Mae would never harm a bug much less a human being and despises violence, in all it’s forms. This component, that is one of many is what made finding order so un-fucking-believably hard for us.

Imagine watching the same movie scenes a couple hundred (If not million) times for decades and you had no idea WHY you were doing it. No one else did, either. Trust us, we screamed at the top of our lungs for decades. “Take more pills, son, see another therapist. This is what happened to us. It wasn’t one movie, it was hundreds of them with 3 times as many movie scenes we used as Echo Elements (E/E)

So that’s that. This is how we see Katy Mae. All of us. Katy Mae, squared. She is becoming a wonder woman. Our savior.
As she peeks her head back out again and slowly introduces herself to the world around her, we see her as our hero. We think that’s a lovely thing. Wouldn’t you agree? Thank you for swinging by and reading more about our family when you could be reading about someone else’s.

Continue being lovely, it’s what you do best!

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