Monthly Archive: March 2018

Awoken red. Dammmmn 0

Awoken red. Dammmmn

Wow are we beyond pissed. We can’t go to the er to get looked at for these meds. When we do we are ridiculed. Autisticly upset this morning. Keep being lovely, lovely readers!


Cool down!

Hahha. We are posting this on a dusty 5 year old, dusty tablet. We hear hope in Kayleigh Maries beautiful words, her part of our previous blog post during that A/IP. We are proud...



i loveyou. iknow thatwas sosososo hard. so hard. improudo fal of you. im proud of you all. dont quit now. i knowyouare sad. Upedit –>A/IP-DSP (Disposession)