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"People do it everyday; They talk to themselves. They seem themselves as they'd like to be" –Fight Club

Witch Hunts (Tears Of Kalia)

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The Tears of Kalia; Witchhunts

Peasants! Witch hunts always begin with the genuine seizure of the peasant’s feeble mind. These deluded, Kalian lunatics will always raise their pitchforks and sharpen their axes, chasing each other around my villages, causing nothing but havoc amongst each other! Driven of course not by the “impartial” Kalian heart but by the invisible wedges of politically driven Kalian fictions. Ghost stories.

Wretched peasants; They transform themselves into crazed, wretched souls that will furiously and happily tear the still beating hearts out of their Kalian brothers and sisters; Even after the last screaming baby is cut from the womb of a shrieking, accused witch –  It of course, never occurs to these bloodthirsty lemmings that there is no witch and a witch will never exist!

You can still sense the fear in the victim’s slimy gore, can’t you? It’s alright to smile; It’s our little secret. A Kalian Princess will never shy away from the gore her witch hunts produce; She, must for herself, must smell and taste the fruits of her own labors. What good is a Princess who is deemed “Too ladylike” to scrape curdled blood off her own shoes with her own fingers?

Listen carefully! Utter not a horrified word in the silence of this finely still morning! Relish with me in the distant, silent screams of those that fell under blade and roasted over flame; Music to a princess who’s aims have nothing to do with witches chased by mad peasants.

Can you smell the faint smoke from the fires from the evening’s violence? Aye; Kalians were torched alive at the martyr’s stake; Imagine, what it must have been like for them to inhale flames under the cover of moonlight! Let not even the departed’s misery end fruitlessly, however! Human ashes make wonderful soap, don’t you think!?!? Collect them from the hallowed pyres.Peasants!

Use them whenever it amuses you, trust not a one of them and when need be and set them loose chasing themselves. Kalians will constantly and happily fetch their fair Kalian princess the bloodied heads and the clammy, cold hearts of the innocent; As many as she will ruefully ask for and will eventually demand.

Princess Elizabeth
Northen Kalia, Princess, Of.
High council to Goddess Daphne

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