Oh God, it’s a gaggle of women!

Hello lovely readers! Thanks for stopping by! We thought we would share a pretty funny DiD/Wellness moment. Before our fuse began (Think merging, less us’s more Me) learning of each other existence, was, frightening. Me, the host is always the last guy in one the joke, hence the laughter in the background. Terrified of course, I (Host) take control of the ladies, begrudgingly amognst more laughter and get everyone moving. **Volume warning**.

Learning that you exist and have existed your entire life with alters, a family in so many ways is hard enough. Just as above, they are just as afraid of me as me them (lol) When you learn you have alters, holy shit. When you learn you have female alters. Holy shit. Lovely but terrifying. “Is that English!?”

This is what it’s like. This is a Katy Mae thankyou echo of our lives together. As a recovering addict, this movie has particularly meaning and special  for all of us. This was a special movie the first time we saw it, so long ago.  ilovehtis very much. katy mae

Hope everyone has a really great Sunday! Thank you for stopping by when you could be elsewhere. Stay lovely!

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