Kayleigh Marie. The genius (We think) of our family.  When she is dominant, she is a 3D math machine. She successfully wrote and completed her formula. We are all very, very proud of her.Other’s that have graciously tried this model with their own experiences report interesting results. We though in that honor, we would share it with you, too!

So lets look a basic look at it.

What if every horrible awful thing that has ever happened to you: 1000 was no longer awful. What if the trauma’s you have endured, your life stressors, whatever , were actually blessings in disguise? ()1000+

Remove the idea of negativity from your experiences, for a moment. What we learned in sober recovery is that  you must cast away every idea you ever had. This goes along with everything you have ever. Been. Told. You must question everything. Let’s turn the “Bad” (-) into nothing but good. (+)

Well now! Now we have a formula we can subjectively apply to our own life experiences!
(Katy’s Law w/  Kayleigh’s Paradox applied to our kidnapping)


Were there any “Good” or (+) that came from our kidnapping? We can think of one right off the bat. We learned we could survive that kind of trauma. For us, that’s at least half (+500) of that horrid(?) experience. So, was it as bad for us as we thought?


For us, we only have a potential of -500+=? left to spend on negativity ()!  The experience was absolutely disturbing in every way, as this was a person that said they cared for us and it was a violent affair. -250


  We learned that we could forgive something like that because it wasn’t about us, it appeared as though it was about us. This even was one that took away what was left of our lives but we survived it. That’s a big +200.

(Well now, was that kidnapping “The worst”?) We are finding more good than bad, it seems! We add the 200+ to our 500+ to equal 700+. We only have -50+=? left to spend on perceived negativity. Let’s keep some potentional there, for now.

Later, down the road we may find more – than + thinking about it later. If we find more negativity than -50+ we must take it from the 700+ section. what we have learned is to try and find as much balance in this model as possible. As close to mathematical balance that we can find:


  Could you find, in honest wellness, the positivity in what you have been told is the worst that has happened to you? Apply Katy’s law with Kayleigh’s Paradox( -0/-0=?/1000+) jammed into the + post and you have a workable, scalable model of infinite potentional(s).

This of course applies to everything that we perceive in our lives to be “Good” (+) things. This is the hard part. LOL. We hate this part. The same formula is applied, simply to the the – post. Consider for a moment, what if everything in your life, your experiences and your perception of them were reversed?

We will write the negativity equation later, as the expression is a bit different and we don’t want things to get too confusing.
Play this number game with yourself but be brutally honest with yourself. What if all the “good” isn’t all good and all the “bad” isn’t all bad? You will have fun, we promise.


Yin, Yang, lovely readers, yin yang. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading more about our silly ideas, when your attention could be elsewhere. What do you guys think? Is this making sense to you or does it just sound like the ramblings of maniacs?  Prolly’ a bit of both.

  Stay lovey, lovely souls.