Friday updates!

Hello lovey readers! Happy Friday! Thank you for stopping by! With so much going on, we thought we would update everyone on blog happenings. Katy Mae, who is now starting to appear more and more would like to have a blog, herself!

This is new from her, and anything new, is good. She is very nervous to make her appearance to the world and we don’t know how yet, to create her blog – More private or more public? She will let us know when she is ready, we are sure. 😀 She began to write herself last night but backed down. As she learns more and grows, the more bold she becomes.

Katy Mae becoming dominant.  (Frag: Amy Lee)
This was also her announcement “Lightcast”.

As the weekend approaches we are going to be doing a bunch of heavy editing on our blog, so things may get a bit funky. for a while. Please excuse our digi-dust as we begin to recreate it. We will be uploading previous articles that we had written on our last blog.

We will also heavily updating our art section and hope to start working Katy’s Law and Kayleigh’s Paradox into the blog itself. We would like to add both our handrawn art and our digital 3D artwork into one, merged page. We will also attempting to add a poetry section, as well. Lots to do!

We went back onto social media for a few days and bleck. W e are super glad we left it and decided to stay away from social media. If you are looking for us on twitter, you wont’ find us, ever again (Or most social media for that matter). 😀 If you want to reach out to any of us, the best way to do it is the “Contact Us” link.

So much going on! Have a wonderful Friday, everyone! Thank you for stopping and reading more about our family when you could be spending your time elsewhere.

Stay lovely!

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