Calling your name,
Take our quaking hand and sit with us, we have waited so long for you,
Look ahead at the setting sun; We will greedily gaze at you instead,
It’s you, that is our sun; The one that never sets,
Don’t stop smiling, it’s the last thing left that warms our hearts.

Please don’t go; We can’t again bear you walking away,
We know you must, just one more second to clasp your soft hand…
We can’t plead with you if we dared,
We cannot look back, not one more time.

Can you hear us calling your name,
Alas, you have even stolen our dreams and all of them you may take…
Awoken by distant thunder; Soaked with the bleak grey morning’s dew,
Smile again, our dear, wherever you are; One day, you hear us calling your name…