Yearly Archive: 2018

The ETMEID V.1 is up and running! 0

The ETMEID V.1 is up and running!

Feel free, lovey readers to futz around with the database, you cannot break it. We are both proud and happy to share with you, the Elemental and Themed Media Echo Identification Database (ETMEID)!!!

The Aeroplane Ride 0

The Aeroplane Ride

So one of these nights and about twelve o’clock,This old world’s goin’ ta reel and rock.Saints will tremble and cry for pain,For the Lord’s gonna come in his heavenly airplane.

Remember when… 0

Remember when…

Remember when truthers were ridiculed, when we warned of people one day being microchipped? Remember those times? We weren’t so crazy, were (And most “Truthers”) we? ¬† Assuming, of course, the story is real....